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Marketing & Promotions

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US Magnetics

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Phil Winter’s Marketing Communications

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Sarah Brown Cards

A Personal Touch for your veterinary hospital

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Commericals on Hold

Save 15% NOW!

Veterinary On Hold Music & Messages

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Bio Buddy

Have you ever thought of USA made, custom printed dog waste bags, as veterinarian advertising or a promotional
tool for your dog related business or product?
Custom printed-private label dog waste bags send a powerful advertising message aimed directly at your target audience.
Rarely is it possible to target advertising to this degree.
With customized dog bags, everyone that uses the dog bag printed with your advertising becomes an immediate potential, loyal customer.

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Stewart Signs

Attract New Clients

Help More Pets

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Petwise Press

Increase compliance with an effective marketing strategy.

73% of consumers surveyed say they
prefer print mail over email.*

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Vet Check-In

Veterinary Medicine’s 1st Patent Pending, In-Office Tablet-based App for Practice Promotion, Client Review Collection, & Online Reputation Growth.
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Make an impression that LASTS

Magnetic business cards