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Continuing Education Programs

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Midmark Corp.

Take a BITE out of periodontal Disease.

Dental equipment and training

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Enzyme deodorizers and disinfectants don’t mix. They are also affected by antibiotics and in some situations may cause infections.

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Peak Performance

Anaesthesia and Pain Management Education Programs offered multiple times throughout the year

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Clear Advantage Profit Solutions

How often have you thought to yourself, “If only I had better staff…”


Not hiring the right person has cost veterinarians thousands of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention all the lost time that it took to train them. A lot of time and effort and money can be spent on hiring employees only to have them leave or even have to fire them because they are not what you expected.


Choosing the right people is one of the major problems in expanding and replacing yourself for certain

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REVO Squared

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International Veterinary Seminars

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Essential Pharmacy Compounding

Attention Veterinarians

Pharmacy compounding accreditation board

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Quality Online Video CE

Continuing Education Courses