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X-ray Equipment & Supplies

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Replace your old slow CR system with a FAST DR!

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It’s time…
Replace your old x-ray machine.

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Used Vet Equipment

Upgrade from film NOW!

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Veterinary Equipment Exchange Network

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Dental Focus

Never overexpose an image or
your staff again.

X-Mind Unity Dental X-ray with SOPIX Digital Sensor Inside!

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Diagnostic Imaging Systems Inc

It’s time to evolve!

Mobile W400 Digital Navigator

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Medical ID Systems

Is it a G.I. Obstruction or something else?


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Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Something MAGICAL has happened!

Wireless X-Ray Machine

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Christian Icons & Xray

The Green Machine, Precision DR Flat Panel Solution, Toshiba Wireless DR Solution, & examvue CR Pro
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Quantum Products

Your X-Ray Machine Could Hurt Your Staff and Your Practice Even More…

Quantum’s X-ray Badge Service